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    Gegi Graphics, run by a team of young entrepreneurs, we are the supplier for finishing, converting and packaging machinery to the printing, graphic arts, and highly varied packaging industries in India. The company’s policy is simple - work with the best equipment manufacturers in the world, and treat our customers as partners! We understand how important it is for organizations to have the right equipment.

    We focus on customer requirements, the need for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings. And, most of all, how important it is to talk to someone who is efficient, experienced and how to help. We also know that customers have a choice of who can supply, install and maintain this equipment.

    Gegi Graphics has gained an invaluable insight into how, whether large or small, different types of finishing and packaging organizations operate, and how they can achieve the cost efficiencies and profits in today’s highly competitive business. But this is only possible by providing with the most comprehensive sales, after sales service and training capabilities available, and we have achieved this by working with a selected group of well-known and respected manufacturers who themselves have decades of experience of producing equipment ranges to suit individual requirements!

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